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His Story



letters home as a pow


Postmarked May 5, 1944

No Location

Dear Mother,

            Just a  line to let you know all well & that Iím still kicking, well, with one foot anyway.  I wounded slightly in the left foot.  Nothing serious just two cuts from flak so donít worry about it.  Iím in  a hospital & getting treated well.  The foodís good & we get lots of rest here.

            I canít send any address now but when I get to a permanent place Iíll have one & will send it.  That wonít be long.

            I guess you received quite a ????? but you ought to know Iíd get out.  I sure hope you received my flowers for mothers day on time.  It sure would be to bad to miss just because of a war.  Be sure not to worry for Iím o.k. & the Germans treat us well.

            Tell everyone I said hello. & the kids my love.

            Be sure & tell Mrs. Boyle when you get this & of course Ag and Jim but I donít give a damn about anyone else.  Youíll still allotment so thatís o.kÖTell Mick his sone is doing o.k. & is still a better man then his other son.  Be sure & tell Jim that.  Well, so long & be patient till I get to writte again.  Love, Bill.


 M.-Stammlager IX C

Arbeits-Kommando-Nr.:  670


Dear Mother,

            Well, I hope by this that youíve received notic that Iím a P.O.W. & also my last letter.  I canít remember whether I told yo where Iím wounded.  In case I didnít itís my left foot of course nothing serious just two cuts from flak and two cracked bones.  Iíll be on the go in about two more weeks.   We have good care.  We have a English doctor and a German doctor also.  So I donít want yo to worry about that.

            Iím ata different hospital now of course I canít say where.  But itís alright.  Iím in the room with the Brititsh and Canadians.  I hope you received the flowers fro motherís day which is to tomorrow if I recall right.

            I hope the shock of the telegram of me missing didnít cause you to much grief & I also hope the other one made you feel good.---Tell Jim I met a fellow who was in the cadets with him.  He came from ????the same time as he.  He had Primiary with Jim.  Currie (sp) is his name he ????& tell Jim also hello.   Tell Ag & Joe hellow and give my love to Abey and Pete.  Also tell anybody who asked that Iím sorry I canít write but Iím saving it till next week ??????  Give the Boyles and McMynes my regards also.



 M.-Stammlager IX C

Arbeits-Kommando-Nr.:  670

May 24, 1944

Dear Mother,

            Well, Iím just about all cured now.  My wounds are all filled in and I have a cast on ow.  Just two cracks to heal & then Iím ready to go again of course only to a prison camp.  The cast will come off in about 3 weeks I believe.  Well give y regards to all & my love to the kids.  So long & write soon.  Love,  Bill.


 M.-Stammlager IX C

Arbeits-Kommando-Nr.:  670

June 15, 1944

Dear Mother,

            Well , itís your little Prisoner La Guerre again.  French in case your wondering for Pris of War.  I manage a little German and French also.  Itís fun tryng to talk to the French.  Howís the Kids making out?  I going to drop them a card soon just for the funt of it.  So long & ????? ????.  Your Loving Son,



Stalag Ė 3

August 3, 1944

Dear Mother,

Just a line to let you know where Iím at.  Iím not at the hospital anymore but at a permanent camp for the duration.  I got July 1,

            Youíll never guess who I bumped into from No. 4 hill?  It was Paul Zigler and also a fellow from Morse Ave. in Simpson his name is John Volinski (sp).  You know Ziglers donít you.  Heís the same age as Ag.

            Iíll sure be glad when this is all over.  Youíd better have plenty to eat in house cause your going to need it.  We get red cross but I plenty sick of Spam & Corn Beef.  So youíd better not have any of that around.

            Tell the Kids I said hello & give them my love.

            So long and Iíll be seeing you Sometime.

                                                Your Loving Son,


 Stalag Luft 3

 September 19, 1944 (Noted received November 1st)

Dear Mother,

Itís quite a while since Iíve written, but thereís so little to write about.  Zieglar got a few letters and a package from home & I read those from his girl on Belmont St.  Give my love to the kids & that Iíll be seeing them.  Love, Bill.

M Stammlager Luft 3

October 6, 1944

Dearest Mother,--Well, Iím still looking for some mail or a package but I guess I may as well give up.  Tell Abie and Pete I said hellow and give them my love.  How does Abie like school?  Tell Ag I was asking for her & Joe.  So Long & Iíll be seeing you soon.  Your Loving Son, William F. McMyne

M-Stammlager Luft Ė3

November 5, 1944 (date was written 1943 but likely an error as shot down April 1944)

(March 12 is noted in what looks to be Grandmaís handwriting, possibly indicating that the letter was not received until that date of 1945)

Dear Mother,  Well at last I finally received som mail two from you dated ?? & 13th of Sept. & 2 from July & two from Butch & Mrs. Boyle.  I was beginning to think I was never reported as a P.O.W.  I wrote to you lst April & told you I thought all but Twisdale & I were finished but I guess you never got it.  So Long.  Love Bill.

Stalag Luft - 1

March 25, 1944

Dear Mother;- Just a line to say alls well.  I hope to be seeing you before too long.  As yet Iíve never received any of the parcels youíve sent.  I guess they wonít never get here now.  I sure wish they would I could sure use them.  Not starving but sure could use more.  Well, give my regards to all & tell Mick heís going to lose chickens when I get there.  Love, William.


Probably letter sent before learning that he was liberatedÖand then returned.

March 21, 1945 (postmarked June 13 in New York, NY)

Camp Name & No.  Stalag Luft 3

Subsidiary Camp  Stalag 4

Dear Bill

            Well to-day is the first day of spring.  Not too bad a day either.  Everyone in the best of health here at home & hoope you are O.K.  Are you still getting mail?  I hope so.  Well John Foi???& Anna Mulholland are getting married at last April 9 very quick wedding they tell me.  Tom Kelly (Bu???)is just about licked.  Well Joe and Agnes are all upset again and looks like heíll be on his way soon but weíre hoping something may turn up.  Havenít heard from Jim in about a month so donít know how he likes his new job.  He get a streack every once in a while & donít write guess he is busy though.  Abey & Pete fine she can write her name & all the noís up to ten not bad is it?  Mrs. Boyle isnít very well same old trouble I guess.  Kelly & Walter O.K.  Mrs. Kelly thinks maybe Paul will be home soon.  Hows Zieglar..his Dad called they havenít heard lately.  Did you ever get your cigarettes & packages?  I have sent four.  Your Dad is getting 100 baby chicks & oh yes we have a new kitten its quite cute only 1 month old yesterday.  Well guess this is all for now regards from all and maybe weíll be seeing you.  All my Love Mother

Group I

Wing X

Barth, Germany

May 10, 1945

Dearest Mother,

Well after a year as a P.O.W. we were finally liberated by the Russians on May 1st.  Since theyíve came weíve had quite a time and Iím still raising hell now.  Weíll be all home shortly so donít worry.

Tell Mrs. Zeigler (sp) that Paulís here and heís ok.  Weíll probably come home together.

ďTwisĒ (sp) and I are quite anxious to get moving so we can get out and raise hell.

Tell everyone I said hello and that Iíll be seeing them soon.

Barth is the name of the town and it was founded about 6 or 8 hundredÖquite an old placeÖSome beautiful sightsÖalso ďFrauleins!Ē


                                    So Long & Lots of Love,

                                                Your Loving Son,



P.S.  Tell Mick to kill the chickens and tell Marty to start cookingÖtell Jim to try and get a furlough sometime about June 15.


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His Story



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